Instruction to candidates

  1.  All candidates MUST make sure to have a stable and uninterrupted internet connection for your examination.
  2. All candidates are required to make sure that their internet data plan is enough while sitting for the examination.
  3. All other software and other electronic devices are prohibited during the examination unless it is being allowed by the invigilator.
  4. Candidates are PROHIBITED from accessing any resources during the examination unless they are sitting for an open-book examination based questions. For an open-book examination based questions, candidates are allowed only to refer the Textbook, lecturer notes and class notes.
  5. Candidates are PROHIBITED from seeking any form of assistance during their examination. 
  6. Cheating is a serious offence and is subject to disciplinary actions under Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (Discipline of Students) Rules 2009. [Click here to open Academic Regulation Handbook]
  7. Candidates MUST provide their signatures on each answer sheet if their examination requires them to upload the answers.
  8. This examination is CONFIDENTIAL and CANNOT be disclosed or disseminated to anyone before, during, or after the examination. 
  9. Candidates are responsible to immediately report the occurrence of any incidents during the examination session (such as electricity cuts or loss of internet connection) by providing proof to the invigilator. 
  10. Candidates are required to read and accept the honesty pledge before they begin to answer the examination questions.
  11. The maximum file size per upload is capped to 10MB to prevent time out error. If a candidate’s answer is more than 10MB, he or she is advised to split the answer to fit 10MB each. The candidate can also minimize his or her file size by using an app CamScanner and use medium quality output.
  12. If there is any problem during the examination session, candidates need to click the Refresh button on the browser or if there is no Refresh button, candidates need to close the current windows, open the examination page again and click "Continue the last attempt".
  13. Candidates need to click on the Submit All and Finish button at the bottom of the Summary Attempt page to have their answers graded.

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